Dearest convention going cats and kittens,   So it's been a while since I've gotten a chance to sit down and give some semblance of attention to the "Send More Paramedics" blog - truth be told, with all this convention hopping, celebrating one year of From Dusk Till Con, and - as many of you likely already know - taking the plunge into the world of convention promotion, there has been little time to actually sit down and indulge myself by pouring out all the little thoughts going on in my head for anyone's reading pleasure (or displeasure as it may be). But alas, I have been hit with a bit of inspiration lately and what I believe to be a bright idea.

But before moving on to this idea in mention, let me address a few things that has had the peanut gallery buzzing as of lates...

Firstly, I am fully aware of the fact that some people out there may have concerns about the direction From Dusk Till Con could be heading in with its founders jumping into the arena of helping to spearhead our own convention, Days of the Dead. Some have opined that From Dusk Till Con would no longer be able to maintain the neutrality and objectivity it was founded on due to the fact that it would soon be entering the very business that it covers.

As anyone who has been an ardent follower of this site for any length of time knows, FDTC is NOT, and was never intended to be, a one or two man show. FDTC is not Mr. Chainsaw. FDTC is not Ricardo del Muerto. FDTC is a widespread community in which each and every member is an equally vital part to the whole. FDTC is the fans, the vendors, the guests, the artists, the writers, and the content contributors that in their own way each leave their individual mark on the convention scene at large and mold and shape it with each passing show. This whole thing was started as a collective and I imagine that should it's time ever come, it will end as a collective. Much in the same respect that FDTC meet-ups have happened and will happen all over the country, with or without its founders present, FDTC transcends any individual person. If Ricardo del Muerto and I were to God forbid die in a freak accident somehow, nothing would make me happier than to know that this site, or at least the message board, would continue to be carried on by the rest of you and that the love and support for the horror convention scene that FDTC embodies will carry on just as strong as ever.

Equally baseless is the notion that FDTC somehow carries a secret agenda towards supporting certain conventions while creative a negative climate about others. Again, FDTC is not an individual but a community comprised of a large and wide spread group of people around the country and even beyond. What one or several fans say on the FDTC message board in regards to a particular subject, convention, film, individual, belief, etc. does not necessarily represent the opinion of the community as a whole or even the people who run the FDTC site. Being an open forum that is very rarely censored in any sort of way (except in the case of content deemed socially prejudiced or offensive), the content on the FDTC board is as untamed a forum for the sharing of contrasting ideas as it gets. People WILL sometimes say things that are critical - in fact, they very often do. For the sake of the site's integrity, and out of respect for the varied opinions of all its members, FDTC rarely ever intercedes to silence anyone's personal opinion so long as it is stated in a reasonable manner. This includes critical opinions that have been voiced about the FDTC site itself, its founders, and our work.

Most importantly, just as the FDTC message board is an equal opportunity forum for all fans to share their thoughts regardless of position, the larger FDTC site is an equal opportunity tool for all shows, promoters, and entities in the horror convention scene by which they are able to gain exposure. All relevant press release which get sent our way are posted regardless of which show they are affiliated with, how large or small the show is, and who they have running it. Over the last year we have shined a light on many first time conventions much as we have highlighted the progress of mainstays and old favorites. Vendors - both of the home-grown do-it-youselfers and the long established pros - have also been treated on this same equal ground, and even fans and members of the FDTC message board have been interviewed and featured along side celebrities such as Derek Mears, Brian Steele, and Melissa Cowan. It's all about parity and keeping a level playing field, and regardless of how anyone chooses to view things, it would be pretty difficult to say From Dusk till Con has been anything but a fair and balanced (for lack of a better phrase) hub covering all aspects of the horror convention scene - this is something that will never, ever change, regardless of what some would like to have you believe. All of you who have supported us from the beginning will not allow it, nor would we ever aim to try.

So now that all that is out of the way, let's get back to this great idea I had. As a long time convention goer (20 years to be exact), I always wondered what it was like behind the scenes of these wild and wonderful shows and I always dreamed of how awesome it would be to one day put together a show of my very own, even though I never in a million years would have thought that would ever come true. I would bet my entire collection of horror memorabilia, that there isn't a single convention fan out there that at some point hasn't thought the same thing and even themselves entertained the notion that, should the opportunity present itself, they too would want to put on their own show. Well, with Days of the Dead, a long time dream of mine has come true and I want to take all of the horror convention fans along for the ride.

What I propose is turning the "Send More Paramedics" blog into a very open and unfiltered look at the "making of" a first year horror convention. All the good, the bad, the ugly, bare and out in the open to be observed by the scene at large. Just as I wondered for all those years how exactly these things came together, I'm sure many of you out there have thought the same things, and if that's the case those very questions will all be answered right here in this blog. Succeed or fail, for better or worse, the evolution of Days of the Dead will be put on display for all to see, as will the journey of some first time horror promoters who will likely be utterly humbled in the grueling process. Hopefully the end result - which will culminate on July 1st -3rd, 2011, when Days of the Dead opens its doors to the public - will be one that each and every fan can be proud of. Either way, the process will be one in which each and every one of you will have a front row seat to observe - no mystery, no secrets, nothing to hide.

If anyone has any particular questions about how this undertaking that they would like me to address in future blogs, feel free to send them my way at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do my best to work them into subsequent posts. The fact still remains that I'm learning on the fly myself, but at least this way, I feel we can take this voyage together and share in the experience as a community, just like From Dusk Till Con has always been and always will be.

See ya at the con,
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