Press Release: Hung, Drawn, and Slaughtered

We here at FDTC are excited to bring you this press release from cartoonist/illustartor Martin Trafford regarding the campaign for his new book Hung, Drawn, and Slaughtered.
Martin studied illustration in the UK under the sixties psychedelic artist Dudley Edwards( of Edwards Binder and Vaughan- they painted John Lennon's Rolls Royce!). Over the years he has created artwork extensively for Jorg Buttgereit, culminating recently with the joint creation of the only official sequel to Nekromantik 2 in comic book form. 
A champion of the underground and indie horror scene he has created work for Ron Decaro, Scott Schirmer, Marian Dora, Phil Stevens, Guy Pearce, Adrian Baez, Shane Ryan, Tony Newton, Jason Hoover, Point and Shoot films, Nick Decarlo, Vultra Video, Capps Collective, Helvete Video, Underground Gorellectors, Oldskull, Toxic Filth, Klayton Dean, Arrow Video, Larry Wessel, The Insomnia Collective, Ulkurzu, Weissblech Comics, Blacklava Entertainment, Laurent Tissier, Ryan Nicholson and Foxtrot Productions amongst others!
He has also had work exhibited in U.K., France, Australia, Madrid and the United States and was one of the two founding members of The Doodlemanifesto in the UK.
Now and possibly for the only time, Martin has collected many of these artworks into a limited edition artbook, numbered and signed there is a choice of soft or hardback, also perks for original art!
Right now there is also a referral competition in which the prize is an original eyeball plucked from the eyeball tree from the movie HEADLESS!
You can check out the project here. The campaign ends on August 20th, so don't delay!