EDWIN NEAL Added to DAYS OF THE DEAD III's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tribute

Edwin Neal

Iconic genre actor, EDWIN NEAL, has been added to the very special Texas Chainsaw Massacre tribute at DAYS OF THE DEAD III.




It is with great pleasure that DAYS OF THE DEAD announces the addition of EDWIN NEAL for their Texas Chainsaw Massacre tribute at DAYS OF THE DEAD III, happening July 6th-8th in Indianapolis, IN.

Edwin Neal is an American actor, perhaps best known for his role as the Hitchhiker in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or his role as Lord Zedd in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. He has been a top voice talent and actor for years appearing on screen and off in such diverse projects as The Lord of the Rings game providing four voices including the Villains. Three voices in Wii's Metroid Prime 3 and many more. He has worked with Oliver Stone on JFK and is Doctor Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog. Set a record, doing 26 different voices in the only completely unedited version of all 103 episodes of Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets), which included the lead villain Berg Katse. Ed provides three voices in a new Batman DC Universe Online game; the voices of Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Harvey Bullock (a Cop).

Outside of his iconic role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Neal has also appeared in such films as Oliver Stone's JFK, Murder-Set-Pieces, My Boyfriend's Back, Satan's Playground, and most recently Bone Boys, along with other Texas Chainsaw alumni, Marrilyn Burns, John Dugan, and Bill Johnson.

Ed NEal


Edwin Neal joins previously announced Texas Chainsaw alumni, Bill Johnson, Gunnar Hansen, R.A. Mihailoff, and new comer Sam McKinzie, for what is sure to be a historical tribute to the infamous horror franchise at DAYS OF THE DEAD III!

For more info on DAYS OF THE DEAD III, happening July 6th-8th at the Wyndham Indianapolis West in Indianapolis, IN, visit http://www.DaysoftheDead.net/indianapolis.

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