B-Movie vixen, TAAFFE O'CONNELL, infamous for her role in the Roger Corman sci-fi classic, GALAXY OF TERROR, makes her first horror convention appearance at DAYS OF THE DEAD: Atlanta.
The award-winning team who brought some of Hollywood's most memorable monsters of the modern era to the silver screen are coming to DAYS OF THE DEAD: Atlanta.
PJ Soles and Dey Young (1st appearance ever), head a first ever reunion for the 1979 Roger Corman cult film, ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL at DAYS OF THE DEAD: Atlanta
"The most anticipated new convention of the year" adds another A-List name to an already impressive guest list with the addition of Hollywood bad-boy, Tom Sizemore.
Human Centipede star, Ashley C. Williams, joins DAYS OF THE DEAD for a special event that hopes to end up in the record books!
DAYS OF THE DEAD adds industrial music icon and actor, NIVEK OGRE, to their guest line up for their upcoming Indianapolis show.
DAYS OF THE DEAD adds famed Scream Queen and 80's horror vixen, LINNEA QUIGLEY, to their already star studded guest line- up.
J LAROSE (Saw III, Insidious, REPO: The Genetic Opera) and PHILIP FRIEDMAN are the latest guest additions to the all star celebrity roster at DAYS OF THE DEAD 2011.