Interview: Larry Lutze

This week FDTC writer Adam Holtzapfel had a chance to chat with character actor and host of Days of the Dead Chaostume Showdown, Larry Lutze.
Adam Holtzapfel – How did you get your start in costuming?
Larry Lutze - I attended my first Horror con in 2010. Prior to this I had worked as a actor at Haunts. Attending that convention was the beginning of the bug and Big Larry.


AH – Can fans expect any new characters in Indianapolis?



LL - I will have two new costumes for Indy Sting (crow version) and Krampus.



AH – You’ve been hosting the Days of the Dead Chaostume Showdown, how did that start?



LL - The CHAOSTUME SHOWDOWN was a progression.  I was originally a judge,  for costume making skills and character acting. This progressed into me becoming Co-host for a few shows. Eventually I was handed the keys to the car and told Drive it like you stole it. My whole concept revolves around involving everyone in every way possible, never be complacent with "It works, why change ", be willing to make changes and stay humble.








AH – What advice do you have for those just getting into costuming or kind of shy to try costuming in large crowds?



LL - Anyone wanting to be a character actor.  Just do it,  remember once in that costume you become that character and most people love. When I get suited up Larry goes bye bye,  I'm Mr. SPRINKLES  or HORACE.  I was the introverted person growing up,  he doesn't exist anymore. 



AH – Last but not least, what are your top 5 films of all time?



LL - My top 5 films.  1. The Howling 2.Phantom of the Opera ( Original) 3.Frankenstein 4. Blade Runner 5. Houses of Wax ( Vincent Price).



You can catch Big Larry hosting the Days of the Dead Chaostume Contest this weekend at the Wyndham West in Indianapolis, IN on 7/1 at 4pm.