Interview: Jason Hoover (DOTD 48 Hour Film Fest)

This week FDTC writer had a chance to do a quick chat with filmmaker and curator of the Days of the Dead 48 Hour Film Festival, Jason Hoover.
Adam HoltzapfelIn Atlanta you had kicked off the Sunday shorts as part of the film fest, how did fans react to that?
Jason HooverThe Short Film Block has always been a hit over the past few years.
Sunday Shorts was my way of expanding on that format and giving more Filmmakers the chance to screen their work. With that large of a time slot, I have the ability to screen an incredible amount of work from around the globe. It also offers those in attendance a chance to bounce in and out of the screening room in-between getting an autograph or attending a panel. Packing all the goodness that is a Days of the Dead convention into a few short days can be a challenge...
AH - What can fans expect from the shorts block in Indy?
JHA collection of the very best Short Films from around the world. Featuring: Slashers, Thrillers, Animation, Gorefests, Experimental Films, Gonzo craziness and lots and lots of blood.
AHSaturday is a focus to Bandit Motion Pictures, going forward can fans expect a day dedicated to or highlighting certain filmmakers?
JHProbably not. There aren't many indie super teams like Bandit in the game. What Brian and Scott have done in a few short years is completely astonishing. It wasn't through luck or knowing the right person, either. They have both given their all to build Bandit into the monster that we know today. It was important to me to showcase their work and give fans an insight to how indie Filmmaking, at it's highest degree, is not all wrap parties and awards. Those guys need fans of their work to support them with their hard earned dollars. They do not take that responsibility lightly, by the way. Brian and Scott spend every waking hour trying to make better movies and give fans what they deserve. That Saturday will be devoted to telling the story of how Brian and Scott became the best that independent cinema has to offer.
AHYou've done a great job of putting together a killer line up of can't miss films, what ones do you recommend for those that can't catch all 48 hours of movies?
JH - Nite Owl Theater is a must see. It's, hands down, the most fun screening of the weekend. The She Was So Pretty crew will be doing a live commentary of their film on Friday night and that is sure to get out of control....And of course, Saturday Morning Cartoons!
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