This week we dive into the ongoing epidemic of piracy. Where is the line between unacceptable and ok, or is there even one? While everyone has pirated in some way (come on we all used Napster at some point), we’re examining if there is such a thing as justified piracy.  
      TODAY IS THE DAY: Extended Trailer For The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself Posted; Documentary To Premiere At International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema This Week  
        MEET BILL LUSTIG LIVE at Maniac Cop/Maniac Cop 2 double feature!  
    FDTC writer James Orrell got the opportunity to speak with upcoming actress/musician/writer/all around cool chick Erin Butusov about her career.  
      This week we want to focus on a growing problem in the indie horror scene…crowdfunding.  
    FDTC writer James Orrell visited the set for Stephanie Hensley and Jim Lehman's Chances Are Productions newest film.  
      We here at FDTC are excited to bring you the first look of the follow up to last year's She Was So Pretty. She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake from Dirt Candy Productions!
      "Bloody" Billy Pon and company are here with a pre-order date for the long awaited Circus Of The Dead!